Precision Crates Inc.

Fine Arts & Antiques

Museums, art galleries, auctioneers, and collectors rely on us to safely move their delicate and valuable items across the country and around the world. Our crates are customized and filled with packaging material capable of keeping secure your items during the shipping process. Our expertise will guarantee a peace of mind when shipping your valuables.

Benefits include

  • ISPM-15 Certified
  • International Crating & Assembly
  • Customized Solutions
  • Just-in-time delivery

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We know how important is for you to secure your goods. We invite you to contact us or request a quote so we can provide you a customized service now. Our prices are really competitive and our crates allow you to be reusable and if you need to replace parts, you can always request parts from us.

You can always contact us here or by requesting a quote here.

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Precision Crates Inc. offers quality crates that ensures the safety of your items during the shipping process. Request a quote now!